Modern Apothecary

We girls are getting smart about the health of our skin. We want more “natural” and “organic” options for self-care. At JOËLLE MARTINE we have been busy over the years with research and development moving in innovative ways to produce a Modern Apothecary line-up. Some of our products we have developed are really whole-food options.

One of the biggest challenges is getting these types of products into your hands with a decent shelf-life. We believe we are accomplishing that mission. Products such as our masques and scrubs have been formulated to be a two-part process that our customers make at home. It is simple and fun to mix two products together that become one skin-changing product.  

Another category of our Modern Apothecary line up are our Oils. Each of our oils offers an essential oil coupled with our carrier. These products are targeted for powerful and specific benefits.All of these Modern Apothecary products are becoming a large part of our expansion, growth, and success.

We hope you find that your clients’ love for these products will also bring expansion, growth, success, and excitement to your business. 


  • Everything Scrub

  • Vitamin-C Polishing Crystal Scrub


  • Emu Nectar

  • Liquid Gold

  • Rose Gold

  • Girl's BFF


  • Apple Oat

  • Matcha Mix

  • Mixed Berry

  • Rose Petal

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