Why You Don't Need an Eye Serum

Our delicate eye region is completely different than that of the rest of our face. Typically skin care products that are formulated for our face are not that beneficial in the eye region. The four main issues around our eyes are:

  • Small pore size

  • Puffiness

  • Dark circles

  • Fine wrinkles

Twenty some years ago when JOËLLE MARTINE  formulated its first products we intentionally formulated our products to do double duty for both the entire face and neck including the delicate eye area. This genius strategy saves both time and money. Our Moisturizing Day Serum and Emu Nectar are really all that is necessary. Our Moisturizing Day Serum is made of small molecular ingredients, small enough to penetrate even the under eyes. Rich in active Penta-peptides, hyaluronic acid and emu oil to address puffiness, dark circles and those pesky fine lines. Moisturizing Day Serum is typically used in the morning so at night time we recommend dabbing on our Emu Nectar around the eye area, including on lashes and brows for amazing conditioning. Clinical studies have shown that Emu Nectar makes skin stronger and thicker. An average of 14% when applied twice daily over a two week period.

There you have it…no need for eye serum!

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