Natural Sunscreen

Unfortunately most sun-blocking products create skin havoc. Some, may even be harmful for your health. While we do not make claims on the SPF level of our products, we do know that the best for skin and health are natural ingredients like minerals. Both titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are considered the gold standard for safety. Titanium dioxide is a sun-blocking ingredient that physically deflects the sun's UV rays away from your skin. Titanium dioxide is not absorbed by the skin; therefore it is long lasting and is not known to cause allergic reactions for those who are extremely sensitive. Titanium dioxide is also recognized by the FDA as a broad-spectrum protection. JOËLLE MARTINE offers three products with Titanium Dioxide and they happen to be also three of our most beautiful and popular. Here they are:

Organic Rose Petal Mist

Organic Rose Gold Oil

Organic Liquid Gold

While you will not see titanium dioxide listed as an ingredient, what you will see is “Mica” which contain this solar protective ingredient. Our recommendation is to use these products daily, especially in the morning before you step out. While Titanium dioxide does not break down, it is not a bad idea to give yourself a spritz of our Organic Rose Petal Mist throughout the day for an added layer of protection. And oh, did we mention the aroma also lifts your mood?

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