Here Comes the Sun

Looking for natural ways to incorporate daily sun protection? At JOËLLE MARTINE we have created products for applying “Layered Protection”. Here is what we recommend you do every morning:

  • Add either Everything Scrub or our Vitamin-C Polishing Crystal Scrub to one of our cleansers. Both contain vitamin -c that is so good at neutralizing free radicals even before they wreak havoc. 

  • Spritz with our Mineral Mist. This product is loaded with aloe vera. While aloe vera is often used after a sunburn to sooth the inflammation and burning, it works beforehand too by blocking out about 20% of sunlight.

  • Spritz with our Organic Rose Petal Mist. Our titanium dioxide-rich rose gold mica acts as a physical block of damaging rays.

  • Layer one of our titanium dioxide-rich mica emu oils. Both Organic Liquid Gold and our Organic Rose Gold Oil are good choices.

  • Finish with our Moisturizing Day Serum. This serum is chocked full of so many sun protecting ingredients. Two of which are aloe vera and of course our beloved astaxanthin. This antioxidant/carotenoid gives salmon their reddish pink coloring. Salmon acquire it from their microalgae rich diet. These smart guys use it to protect themselves from UV rays. While astaxanthin is even more powerful than vitamin-c, vitamin-e, or CoQ10. We love that it protects our skin from solar injuries, but love love, love, love even more that it helps prevent DNA from being damaged by ultra violet rays that causing skin to age.

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