Organic Rose Petal Mist

AHHH, who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by the fragrance of fresh cut roses? Just even the thought of it can bring a calm throughout your entire body. 

Our Organic Rose Petal Mist is made from an intricate process. Small batches of rose buds are steamed in copper distilleries and ultimately release an intensely concentrated therapeutic compound into the water. The essential oil is drawn off, and what is left is a deep, multilayered, fragrant rose water! Micro-molecules of essential oil and constituents from the flower are loaded with antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, hydrating, and mood elevating properties. 

We recommend a spritz right after cleansing as a prep for the next layer. It is lovely all through the day to add a spritz if you are in a dry environment. 

For a really restful sleep add a spritz or two, or three, or four to your pillow and top cover…..yummmm! 

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