Better Dermaplaning

If you are currently offering dermaplaning services you know how popular it is! 

Mature and dry skin presents more of a challenge. We recommend you and your staff think of this service as both exfoliating with hair removal plus nourishing, moisturizing and hydrating. The results will be addictive. 

Here is how you may want to execute the service. 

1. Completely remove all makeup with Cleansing Water and Toner with Lemongrass. 

2. Cleanse with Oat Cleanser or *Passionflower/Clean and Tone Cleanser. 

3. Apply a generous layer of Emu Nectar. 

4. Complete your dermaplane. 

5. Cleanse again, this time using Oat Cleanser or *Passion Flower/Clean and Tone Cleanser with Everything Scrub. 

6. Spritz with Mineral Mist or Organic Rose Petal Mist. 

7. Apply one of our oil based serums (Emu Nectar, Liquid Gold, Girls’ BFF, or Organic Rose Gold. 

8. Apply Moisturizing Day Serum. 

As an add-on you may want to apply one of our luscious masques between steps 5 & 6Your results will be super yummy and super glowing! 

 *Clean and Tone Cleanser and Passionflower Cleanser are the same product. 

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