Coconut Oil

Remember when everyone was gorging on Coconut Oil for personal care? 

For their hair, for make-up removal and even for moisturizing skin. 

I thought that the coconut oil rage had worn itself out and had gone away, but recently I have had several new acne clients coming to get a skin care analysis and when questioned questions about what they are currently using I hear “Coconut Oil”! 

Oh, no, not Coconut Oil!

Although Coconut Oil is antibacterial, it is considered a four on the zero-to-five comedogenicity scale, which is a pore-blocking ingredients. Nobody needs that especially our acne clients! 

Here at JOËLLE MARTINE we recommend that our Acne clients: 


  • Take a break from any face makeup. If they simply cannot do that, then at least take it off immediately as soon as their day allows.

  • Never work out in face makeup…you would be surprised how many clients do this!

  • For makeup removal use our Cleansing Water and Toner with Lemongrass.


  • Once makeup is removed, cleanse with our Oat Cleanser. At least 3 times weekly do a second cleanse with our Oat Cleanser combined with our Everything Scrub.


  • Spritz with our luscious, absolutely essential Mineral Mist. What am I saying? It’s all essential!

  • Apply a pea-size amount of Liquid Gold.

  • Apply a pea-sized amount in the morning, our Moisturizing Day Serum, and at night our Moisturizing Night Serum.


  • At least 2 times a week apply our Matcha Mix Masque as directed.

This simple regimen is a good place to start. We also recommend adding into this acne routine these products if warranted:

clear skin cocktail

An overnight peel.

girl's bff

Use for spot treating breakouts as well as applying under the nose as the organic clary sage in the product when used as aroma therapy helps balance hormones. Note this is not recommended for our pregnant friends.

apple oat masque

If healing of angry skin is called for, this masque is so amazing and it can be used daily.

clean & tone cleanser

Switching a few days a week with this cleanser adds a bit more acne fighting acids.

*I always ask my acne clients to send me weekly updates and pictures if possible so that I can fine-tune things until they feel confident that they are trending in the right direction.

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