Organic Liquid Gold

Yes, frankincense is one of the gifts brought by the three wise men to Baby Jesus. It has been appreciated since ancient days as a healing oil. We now know that is one of the most beneficial oils still used. 

 On-going medical studies indicate that scientist are hoping to use it someday for a natural skin cancer treatment. Because our daily lives expose us to both solar UV and blue screen radiation, daily application of Liquid Gold may help mitigate the damage. 

 We have formulated our Liquid Gold with our deep penetrating Emu Nectar for an even more intensive skin care product. You will love the addition of a little gold mica which produces an amazing glowing finish. 

The benefits are abundant, including strengthening of the skin, improving tone, and improving elasticity. It’s a defense mechanism against bacteria, blemishes, and appearance of aging over time. With faithful use, it may reduce brown spots and scaring along with fading stretch marks. 

Liquid Gold works well on its own or layered.  

after cleansing, layer:

  • Mineral Mist or Organic Rose Petal Mist

  • Organic Liquid Gold

  • Moisturizing Day Serum

You will love the glowing finish!

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