Pollution Protection

Those of us who live in a city are taking in more and more pollution. Pollution is made up of free radicals, which are released into the air as a by-product of combustion. Exhaust, smoke, and smog can actually penetrate the epidermis causing oxidative stress, pre-mature ageing, and, in worst-case scenarios, skin cancers. 

Pollution also causes the skin’s lipid barrier to break down leading to inflammation, dehydration, loss of collagen, and reduction in cell turnover. Solar UV rays, car emissions, cigarette smoke, and even the blue light from our phones and computers bombard our daily lives. These drastically effect the health of our skin. 

Certain ingredients protect against environmental stressors. Our JOËLLE MARTINE products are full of antioxidants, minerals, essential fatty acids, and essential oils all shown to be an army of pollution defenders. 

It is our job as professionals to educate and help our customers navigate the best home-care regimen to promote healthy glowing skin.

Our top recommendations to use for fighting back our exposure to pollution, UV, and blue light radiation:

  • Oat Cleanser

  • Clean & Tone Cleanser / Passionflower Cleanser

  • Rose Oat Cleanser

  • Everything Scrub

  • *Vitamin-C Polishing Crystal Scrub

  • Mineral Mist

  • *Organic Liquid Gold

  • Organic Rose Gold Oil

  • Moisturizing Day Serum

  • Moisturizing Night Serum

  • Apple Oat Masque

  • *Mixed Berry Masque

  • Matcha Mix Masque

  • *Organic Rose Petal Masque

*All are great pollution fighters, but the products with an asterisk are the most powerful!

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