Organic Rose Gold Oil

Rose oil has been used for skin care in many cultures for centuries. Our multi-layered aromatic oil is compatible with every skin type. Due to its many benefits rose is making a big come-back! 

The process of producing the oil is pretty unbelievably labor intensive. It takes tens of thousands of rose blossoms picked as they are unfolding in the early hours of dawn to yield just one ounce of rose essential oil. That makes rose oil one of the most expensive essential oils available. 

While others choose to use perfumes and fragrances in their products, true to our standards, we only use the real deal. Our organic rose oil is one of the most costly, but most luxuriously beneficial essential oils used in our formulas at JOËLLE MARTINE. 

As a professional, you can have confidence that you are offering your customers something very special and very effective….and very addictive! 

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