Every Girl Needs a BFF

Our Modern Apothecary line up would not be complete without a product that addresses a girl’s hormonal curses. 

 It does feel like a curse; PMS, bloating, cramps, hot flashes and stress. While not a cure, our Girl’s BFF massaging oil can bring some relief. 

 Studies show that our Clary Sage essential oil found in this product does have balancing benefits when massaged on the abdomen and back as well as inhaling the aroma. This product is greatly enhanced by our formulation that allows deep penetration. Adding just a drop or two under the nose and around the mouth will enhance its benefits by providing an intense dose of aromatherapy. 

 AHHH! So relaxing!Since our launch we have customers reporting that they are using Girl’s BFF as a layer to clear acne. All we can say is “YAY”!

*We do not recommend using this product during pregnancy. 

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