Acne Tips

Nothing is more frustrating than acne. Both for the customer as well as for you, the pro.

Here is what we need to keep in mind when advising customers on home-care products.

Their products need to perform in these areas: 

  • Decrease inflammation

  • Minimize bacteria

  • Exfoliate build-up of flaky dead skin

  • Deep clean pores

  • Heal, hydrate, and moisturize to stop pores from overproducing sebum

Most acne responds to the regimen of: 

Oat Cleanser~ decrease inflammation, minimize bacteria, heal and hydrate 

Everything Scrub~ exfoliate, deep clean and minimize bacteria 

Mineral Mist~ decrease inflammation, heal and hydrate 

Moisturizing Day Serum~ Hydrate and moisturize, heal 

Moisturizing Night Serum~ Hydrate and moisturize, exfoliate 

Clear Skin Cocktail 7%~ exfoliate and minimize bacteria 

Matcha Mix Masque~ exfoliate, deep clean, hydrate and moisturize 

Apple Oat Masque~ decrease inflammation, exfoliate, deep clean, heal, hydrate and moisturize 

If your customer is on a limited budget these four products are a good place to start: 

Oat Cleanser 

Mineral Mist 

Moisturizing Day Serum 

Apple Oat Masque 

(Remember to add Masque Mixing Magic

One more thing…here is what we are finding that may have promise. Our customers who are now using our Liquid Gold daily are experiencing more consistent clear skin. Even more surprising are our customers reporting that they are using Girl’s BFF oil to their daily regime and experiencing healthier skin. You might consider giving it a try! 

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